This list is a guide only, your vents will probably be different sizes than the ones listed. We have a wide range of Heat Savers in stock to suit a wide range of vents.
Outside Width
Price per set
Small Square
Up to 350mm outside
Medium Square
350mm up to 500mm outside
Large Square
Over 500mm outside
Standard Rectangular
Up to 440mm by 640mm outside
Postage and Handling
1 to 5 sets Australia wide
6 to 12 sets Australia wide
Unusual sized vents up to 600mm can be covered with custom made flat Heat Savers, please contact us for details. The price of custom made Heat Savers is variable dependant on the size of the vent and the time it takes to make the set.
NB: All prices include GST 
Please measure all your vents separately before asking for a quote to ensure you get the correct Heat Savers to suit your vents.

Each set comprises a cover and colourbond collar to fit ONE vent
We offer 2 payment plans, Plan A OR Plan B
Plan A = 5 weekly payments ~ Plan B = 10 weekly payments.
Your Heat Saver order will be sent when it has been paid in full.


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