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Installing your Heat Savers

When opening your parcel/s please lay parcel on it's back with the address label facing up and carefully cut sticky tape along the top flap. Carefully slide the covers and collars from the box. This ensures that you don't damage your covers and means you can reuse the box to store the covers during warm weather when you use your air conditioner.

Clean the face of the vent thoroughly to ensure it is free from dust, grease and grime. It is advisable to scuff the area of the vent where the collar will go with a scouring pad to give the vent a good clean area for the collar to adhere to. Almost all vents come with a wax coating which needs to be removed to ensure the collar won’t fall away from the vent. Make sure the vent border is clean and dry. Methylated spirits is a good debris remover.  Allow the vent to dry thoroughly.

Cleaning the vent
Trying the collar

BEFORE you remove the backing paper from the double sided tape you MUST try the colourbond collar up against the vent so that you know where you will position the collar so it does not obstruct the directional louvres. The double sided tape will adhere instantly to the vent and cannot be moved once the collar has been affixed.

For peace of mind you might also want to apply a good quality adhesive on the collar  beside the tape. If you decide to do this it’s best to do so before removing the backing paper, this way the backing paper on the tape will remove any excess glue. A suitable product is Selly’s 3in1 or a glue of your choice

Peel backing paper from double sided tape and making sure the collar is centred on the vent face push collar  up against the face of the vent . Press firmly up onto the collar all around to ensure proper adhesion to the vent profile. The tape is pressure sensitive so the firmer you press up on the collar the better the tape will adhere to the vent

Placing the collar

Peel the clear protective plastic from the front surface of the collar and push the Heat Saver cover into place.

Pop on heat saver

Please Note:

When removing your Heat Saver covers please press in on the sides of the cover to help the magnet let go. If you pull straight down you MAY put too much pressure on the collar and pull it away from the vent.

Final Step.
Affix supplied warning label on or near air conditioner controller. 

This will remind you to remove the covers before you turn on the air conditioner.


Email:     heatsaver@hotmail.com     ~     Ph: 02 5633 9953     ~     Mob: 0435 662 104
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