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Email:     ~     Ph: 02 5633 9953     ~     Mob: 0435 662 104

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Adrian designed Heat Saver Vent Covers to fit over air conditioner outlet vents and therefore eliminate heat loss while also stopping cold draughts from coming in through your vents.
If the vents remain uncovered there is significant loss of heat into the air conditioner ducting system and a cold draught flowing into your home or workplace.
Without Heat Savers your vent blades need to be MANUALLY opened in summer and closed in winter.  These vent blades are fragile and can easily break. Heat Savers make this adjustment unnecessary, as the cover is popped on and off while the vent blades remain in the ideal position.
Here at Heat Saver Australia we pride ourselves in providing a fast and efficient service and do our best to help you with any questions or problems you may have. If you have any questions please contact us by email or phone and we will do our best to help you. Our contact details are at the top and bottom of this webpage.
We manufacture Heat Saver covers onsite. Heat Savers are only available in white
We have a large range of different sized Heat Savers  in stock to suit various sized vents.

Please measure all your vents separately before asking for a quote to ensure you get the correct
Heat Savers to suit your vents. 

Please ensure you have measured ALL vents individually as we cannot accept returns or exchanges if you order the wrong size Heat Savers.

It has come to our attention that if Australia Post can't deliver your parcel and take it back to the Post Office they will only hold it for 14 days.     If it's uncollected after 14 days they will return it to the sender.     Please let us know if you are expecting your Heat Savers and they haven't arrived in due course so we can follow up.

Installation is easy

Step ONE
Stick on the white colourbond collar which has heavy duty double sided tape on the back.
This collar stays permanently on the vent.

Step TWO
If the weather warms up again the cover comes straight back off to enable you to use the air conditioner.

Stick on the collar
Pop on heat saver
Cover In Place
  Each order we send comes complete with installation instructions and a sticker to attach to your air conditioner controller to remind you to remove your Heat Savers before turning on your air conditioner.

Check out a short video showing how easy it is to install Heat Savers. Simply click on the giy logo here --------->

Or check out Lish's YouTube video here

Green It Yourself The video features Lish from her Green It Yourself website explaining how to cover you vents with clear contact and Heat Savers.

Independent testing by Scinergy at a test home with 6 Evaporative Air Conditioning vents have shown "the duct covers alone reduced the air leakage by OVER 20% in this home."


Heat Saver Vent Covers make an ideal gift for any occassion

If you have replaced your Evaporative Air Conditioner with a reverse cycle air conditioner Heat Savers offer an easy way to cover the old vents without the need for major renovations.
When asking for a quote please measure ALL your vents
to ensure you get the correct Heat Savers to suit your vents. Don't assume they are all the same size.


Email:     ~     Ph: 02 5633 9953     ~     Mob: 0435 662 104

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